Packed….and ready to go?

Well Woburn has all been stored away. My sisters loft has been filled with all my worldly belongings. And I’m now fitting all of my life into one, seemingly , large ruck sack. It’s ample for my needs!, I’ll only take the essentials….Its not big enough!

I’m not going to list everything in there, but needless to say once you add a camera and a laptop (Small and air like) you’re then left deliberating if two pairs of shorts are a  luxury.

Also I like to take some pride in what I wear. The colour of the T-shirt is important, but I can only fit in about five, albeit there are a few short-sleeved shirts in there as well, add the travel book, a pair of walking boots,flip-flops and a very full wash bag ( I must stay Beautiful :)) and before you know it that extra bottle of Mosquito spray becomes a luxury.

Anyway it’s all in, and I’m sure it will take some rearranging as i get going.

So I arrived at Dots yesterday evening, we had a steak night to remember, got back, a final adjustment to the packing, checked the new laptop and all seems to be coming into place. This morning involved getting the car washed after transporting some of my life to London, and preceding to spill a box of Washing powder all over the floor, making the Mini look like a crack cocaine mule. Then a chic haircut to look my best and I’m ready for the train to London……..

I think I’ve just realised I’m actually doing this..agghhh!


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