Hong Kong city

Okay, nearly up to date now.

Well, I’m now on my own…yikes!!, Devra and Tash have gone back to London. We said our goodbyes and I proceeded to shoot of down the wrong exit!. A great start, I could imagine them saying, already he’s going the wrong way, how will he make Cambodia?? Indeed!

Well I did make into Hong Kong city. The Hotel is pretty good, and thanks to William the Hotel manager,  I was super prepared for the day. William sorted me out a late breakfast, oops the jet lag seems to be lingering! After that William gave me a good 30 minutes of the do’s and don’t of exploring Hong Kong. He must have sensed I needed the direction as did the lovely lady who directed me to the hotel! So with this level of help I may actually make it to Cambodia. Well as long as I meet another William. he even gave me his mobile number! Hello! I hear you cry! Actually I think it was solely down to the fact he was convinced I would get lost!

Well I’ve had a great day exploring one part of HK. I started of on the MTR tube system to Soho, everyone has one!. I then found my way to Man Mo temple, dedicated to the gods, the God of literature Man, and the God of war, Mo, Built in 1847 it was the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong and later used as a hospital for the needy. In 2009 it was declared a Grade 1 historic building. The Sculptures and textiles inside were amazing with vivid colour and pattern, enriched with the almost overwhelming smell of incense, lit as tributes to the Gods.

Man Mo Temple  Man Mo temple GodIMG_0362

The later part of the day was heading up to the Peak. William however suggested it would be hell on earth today so suggested another view-point of the Hong Kong bay, the Botanical gardens. Good call Willy! It was exhausting, and I wish I’d listened to Ray’s advice to work on my “planks” to strengthen your core. Well with a steady gasping rhythm and rather a lot of sweat trickling down the Hill, I finally got up there, and it was well worth it.

Here are a few examples…but its 12:30am so that will have to be it for tonight, I think I’ll need to down load all my finished picks to my Web site and Flickr account as it will take me forever on here, so more to follow!!


IMG_0393  IMG_0516  IMG_0540


5 responses to Hong Kong city

  1. Lesley Curtis says:

    What an adventure. Sounds brilliant. Thinking of you watching The Kate Bush Story on BBC4. Stay safe xx


  2. Devra says:

    Hey stu glad you got to the temple! It’s amazing! I am back home ! Had a trip to a&e yesterday with my neighbours little boy! Finally repaid the favours! Great cure for jet lag! Today roof still leaking !! Lovely!.. So enjoy h kong don’t worry about us !! Lol devs x


    • stunet2012 says:

      The smell was the so strong! Do you know the sticks? Dome people were doing them, looking into their future…


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