Tuk Tuk Terror….in Cambodia

Made it!  And made it in one piece.

Well I left Hong Kong this afternoon, and rather happy to leave the hussel and bussel of the big city. I enjoyed Hong Kong, I imagine it would be an amazing place to live, not just exploring all that the city offers, but the surrounding areas looked amazing, asking for a least two weeks to explore it properly. I only had a few days, but honestly, was heart was set on making head way into my itinerary, starting now in Cambodia. What? not Bangkok I hear you cry. No Bangkok will be there when I head down from Northern Thailand, so I though I’d jump straight into Cambodia, starting with Siem Reap and the magnificent Angkor.

And now welcome to Vietnam airlines!, and very good it was too. The flight took me to Ho Chi Minh city for a connection to Siem Reap, Cambodia, a nice Chicken rice dish helped me on the way, and the ruck sack made the connection as well, result!

I’d pre booked a guesthouse, not too cheap and not overly expensive either, at £16 a night. The guesthouse had arranged a complimentary pick up service from the airport. Am I still travelling a little First class I asked myself?. Maybe I should be slumming it a bit more?…mmm

Well on arrival, feeling somewhat important, I was met by my driver and headed to an incredibly humid and dark car park facing a spotless Mercedes people carrier…..and behind that ….was my people carrier, a Tuk Tuk! Smiling, I heaved myself up, ruck sack tightly i felt should be tightly wedged between my legs, sitting on what appeared to be my very own throne sofa, nicely upholstered, strong wooden arms, firm under seat, quite a carriage. And off we set down the main dusky route to Siem Reap.

I sensed my driver had somewhere to be, he was over taking other Tuk Tuks, as well as normal cars, weaving in between potential obstacles at actually quite a high speed….whoa….hold on tight, it’s a white knuckle ride….

Tuk Tuk Terror

You know what I loved it! This is why I’m here to do, activities I normally wouldn’t and really experience these amazing countries. Such fun!  And the guest house is pretty good, has a nice swimming pool, I was greeted with fresh orange juice and a warm towel, the room is basic but we have air con and Wi Fi, so enough of the mod cons!

So tomorrow its time for Angkor, a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I hope I haven’t peaked too soon and that the rest will be an anti climax. I’m sure that won’t be the case. Described as the eight wonder of the world, it has a lot to live up to..well lets see…..The camera will undoubtedly have a work out….

4 responses to Tuk Tuk Terror….in Cambodia

  1. Devra says:

    Hi stu try not to use the word TERROR too much it’s not good for me ! No flights to bankok hey?,, 7.30 pm sitting at my desk ! Rather envious or am I?? Take care xxx


  2. Viajero says:

    Make sure your belongings are safely tucked away when on those tuk-tuks, Stu! Looking forward to the pictures of Angkor Wat!


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