Siem Reap loves the moped

You see very few cars in Siem Reap, more tourist mini buses or people carriers. The locals rely very much on their bikes, mopeds, Tuk Tuks, and also Tuk Tuks morphed into larger transport. Nothing is too heavy, too high, or even too wide to carry on the Tuk Tuk. Health and safety would have a field day in Siem Reap.

Last night I had a walk around the centre of Siem Reap, it felt busy yet safe, As the sun started to set, the traffic was hectic as the locals set off home weaving around each other, with some kind of innate guidance system. Oh and if that didn’t work there is always the horn! Entire families travel on a moped, and I’m talking a family of four and 3, 4 maybe 5 boxes, babies are carried on Mopeds, and somehow they seem to do it a safe, straight forward way. Although I must say I did pass the Cambodian red cross on one roundabout so I wonder how many accidents there really are?

Cars, stay out of the way of the Tuk Tuk, as Tuk Tuks own the road and won’t let you forget it, (or was that just my driver?).

Here are some examples of transport gems ….

IMG_1145 IMG_1185IMG_1578IMG_1278

Finally the Siem Reap river…..


3 responses to Siem Reap loves the moped

  1. Lesley Curtis says:

    Isn’t it amazing how countries differ. That little boy there with no helmet on….
    Think we’re too far the other way in this country xx


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