Battambang here I come..

Well it’s 6am and I’m sitting having a “nice” cup of tea waiting to be picked up for the boat to Battambang.
The guest house in Siem Reap, has been very good, room very clean, service very high, lovely people…recommended!
And now on to what was the French colonial town Battambang. A six or some say an eight-hour journey by boat.

Later that day….

So here I am at Battambang, and I can confirm it was an eight-hour journey, oh yes. Departure time was 7am and we left at 8.10am, oh yes. It was however an amazing journey, not the most comfortable if you imagine sitting on a bus stop seat for 8 hours. However it was definitely worth it as It gave another insight into Cambodia, its’ beauty mixed with its’ poverty, always balanced by its’ people. The children of the floating villages wave excitedly to the passing boat, frolicking in the water, simply having fun. Their smiles make you all warm inside, although I can’t help but think that their future may well be a hard one.

Of course its out of the wet season so we had a few hairy moments where the water was getting more shallow by the minute, and its’ width reduced so much that we were crashing though branches in very narrow channel, one of which managed to slap me on the nose. Id like to say there were worse off than me!  The floating villages were very interesting, some extremely basic, others quite colourful and practical. Often supported with a government building or Temple, many are quite permanent.

Well a picture tells a thousand words, here are a few….IMG_1690 IMG_1693 IMG_1727IMG_1738 IMG_1739 IMG_1788 IMG_1913 IMG_1822

7 responses to Battambang here I come..

    • stunet2012 says:

      They are amazing Les, and they’ve been through so much. I think now things are stable here the country will go from strength to strength.


    • stunet2012 says:

      Not sure which one youre looking at. The one on the river was a similar version. I think i went at the right time, its very dry so the river will get very low.


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