Phnom Oudong

Several stops later we finally made it to Phnom Oudong. Sang Hai was no help, he was taking as many photographs as me, he explained that he was really pleased to be out of the mad, dusty, hectic Phnom Penh and in such beautiful surroundings, such a nice guy. Here he is..


We arrived at the Phnom, Sang Hai recommend that one of the kids could guide me around for a few dollars.

Still under some construction at the very top of the mountain is the new Stupa completed in 2002 on the top of the mountain to hold the Buddha relics that were formerly in the stupa in front of the train station in Phnom Penh. This stupa was dedicated by King Norodom Sihanouk.


The new Stupa made from concrete in contrast to stone previously used.


The view over Phnom Penh from the highest Stupa.


A new head going onto an old body!


The second Stupa, lower on the hill.

IMG_2709 IMG_2709

Many temples originated as Hindu temples as Cambodia later converted to Buddhism, whilst under the reign of King Jayavarman VII who made Buddhism the official religion. Angkor Wat is a good example where you have a strong mix of symbolism of both religions. In this instance the elephant represents royalty, power, fertility, longevity and more. In other examples taking the form of Ganesh the elephant god of Hinduism.


The final Stupa, with the four faces of Buddha.



Decorated unusually with ceramics.


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