Arrived at Sihanoukville yesterday (Monday!) had a walk down to the beach. I never enjoy a place when I first arrive, and this is no exception. I think it’s because I’m not familiar with the place and have to feel settled. There was an Italian restaurant on the corner and I had the best pizza and cappuccino!
And I needed it! The beach (serendipity) is known to be very touristy so today I’m going to head further down the coast to Otres beach.
Let’s see what unfolds today 😀…..

2 responses to Sihanoukville

  1. Lesley says:

    Looking forward to reading about what unfolds….have a fabulous day xx


    • stunet2012 says:

      Hey Lesley,
      Guess what?, I was shocked to realise on my Macbook Air my storage is full, Am i best to get an external drive, Im so paranoid about loosing my photos, how else can I back them up??


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