Arrived in Kampot at lunchtime. First impression wasn’t good as the Moto started taking me out of town for the hotel and it wasn’t! We fell out!
Spent the afternoon visiting the Kampot Pepper plantation and then onto a secret cave and lake, not so secret any more then.
And now I’ve just downloaded some pics and something has gone wrong with them, so really not happy. I’m so paranoid about loosing all the pictures I’ve taken. Once in Phnom Penh I’ll be buying extra storage!
So no pics to show tonight, arghh!!
Tomorrow I will be going up a mountain on a moped, wish me luck!!

4 responses to Kampot

  1. Lesley says:

    Enjoy the mountain trip. And yep, extra storage asap. Maybe visit an Internet cafe and cloud them? Xx


    • stunet2012 says:

      Im ok! No storage no blog! Have bought an external hard drive yesterday, and im now trying to “cloud” everything! But its soooo slow. 😞 if i can free space will do an update today! Xx


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