Kampot Pepper, Durain and jackfruit

I had the afternoon as I arrived in Kampot, so intended to make the most of it. The plan was to visit the local Pepper plant, then onto the very well-known secret lake and secret cave.

Compote Pepper, of course! It didn’t click until I was here that this was a major supply of pepper and the famous Kampot pepper regarded as one of the finest peppers in the world, that comes in black red and white. And that evening I decided to try some beef and green peppers, that also had plenty of whole black Kampot peppers, it was very tasty. It was interesting to see how they are grown, before now the plants were trained up a wooden pole. Now they build statues of bricks for the plants to grow around, allowing them to grow more in less space, fed by a trench at the bottom of compost and manure, nice!

Here’s an example


Pepper Plants at the plantation at Kampot


Jack fruit

The Jackfruit is one of the most distinctive fruits of Asia. Known as Khnol in the Khmer language, jackfruit is a large, oval fruit with a light-green, spiky skin. When cut open jackfruits emit a sweet, perfumed odour and the bright yellow flesh surrounding the seeds is eaten.


The durian, or Thouren as it is known in Khmer, is sometimes referred to as the “King” of tropical fruits. Its odour is so unique that hotels and airlines ban customers from carrying the durian and many foreigners cannot bring themselves to sample the flesh – but it is well worth it! Durian can grow into large, oblong shaped fruit with the green skin covered in hard, short spikes. When split open, the inner yellow flesh is revealed. Inside the creamy flesh are large seeds. As well as eaten fresh, durian is also cooked into a paste and used in desserts.

And so popular too is the fruit they have a massive sculpture in the middle of one of the roundabouts!

IMG_3255 - Version 2

A local farmer who grows Jack fruit and Durain for the locals and also to take to the local market.


A Tuk Tuk chaser!

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