We apologise for some technical diificulties !

Blimey oh Riley!

So the Macbook I have discovered has bugger all storage! Full to the brim, and off I went into panic stations, I’m going to lose ally my photos…. Oh no I’m not, don’t panic Mr Mannering!. So since arriving in Phnom Penh I’ve managed to buy an external hard drive as trying to back everything up to I Cloud at this rate will take me until Xmas…that’s Xmas next year.

Whilst at the shopping centre as I was pounced upon by a Phillipino lady on the escalator who insisted I met her family and joined them for a chat. I explained I had to find a shop, once I came out didn’t I go and bump into her again. I joined her for a chat, although once the conversation got onto whether I was single and how old I was I made my excuses and legged it. Ha ha she suggested I had a walk around the shopping centre with her daughter, Hello!! .Think she had plans!

Anyway me thinks I should have predicted this storage problem before I left, oh well c’est la vie! Today I managed to find an Apple reseller that helped me with my hard drive to ensure I didn’t delete everything, so I’m now set up with space and bit by bit need to back up into iCloud.

And guess who I bumped into as I walked out to find the shopping mall, somebody shouted my name, who do I know in Phnom Penh I wondered?. It was the cheery face of Sang Hai the Tuk Tuk driver from my last visit, very funny considering there are thousands of Tuk Tuk drivers here. He gave me a cheap ride to the mall. If you ever need a Tuk Tuk driver in phnom Penh, this is the guy, and I have his card.

Ok I’ve got some back dating to do now, so next will be some updates from Kampot……

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