Super rustico

I have arrived at Mondukiri in northern Cambodia. Very different to the scenery of southern Cambodia, the rice fields have been replaced with Forests, the flat is now rolling hills, and very beautiful too.

The trip was okay, not a long as I feared at just six hours, and the accommodation is shall we say super rustic, well you can’t complain for 7 dollars a night. The tree lodge is basically wooden huts running down a hill with one bedroom, a toilet/shower, a mosquito nest over a bed. That’s it! As I entered the toilet something very large scuttled away, I’m sharing my toilet with a Gecko, and a bloody big one too, I hope he’s not hungry!

This afternoon had a quick explore of the town Sen Morormon. Some beautiful views and roaring waterfalls even in this dry season.

IMG_3694 IMG_3701 IMG_3709

What do you think of the hat?

5 responses to Super rustico

  1. Richard says:

    Loving the hat. Not enjoying the jealously so much though… Wish I was there…


    • stunet2012 says:

      Yes, wi-fi in the communal areas, all the bacpackers have laptops or ipads, ee not in mi day! No wi-fi tonight tho in the jungle!


  2. Dot knowles says:

    You look really well really cool in the hat!and really we’ll!! This is Devra again !


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