Mondukiri Elephants

Well I’ve just sat down to a delicious stir fried rice with Pork washed down with a cool Cambodia beer, and all is good, cream crackered but good.

And why am I cream crackered ?well, day one was a full day of trekking up some very steep hills to get us to numerous waterfalls, one of which we were able to walk behind another we went swimming in. The trek itself was good, unfortunately the guide spoke no english so there were many questions unanswered. Luckily I wasn’t on my own, a German couple, Lisa and Nick were also booked in, thank goodness, and good company they were too. So we trekked for 20km up some very steep hills, at the end of the day we arrived at the Lodge, where we were cooked a delicious Khmer meal including bamboo soup. Then to bed, hammock style!, facing out over a fantastic view over the forest.

The Mondukiri  project.

“In October 2013 the Mondulkiri Project signed an agreement with Bunong indigenous elders from the Putang Village and the Orang Village. This agreement stops logging in a large area of pristine Mondulkiri forest near Sen Monorom. The Mondulkiri Project borders the Keovsema Protected Area so there is a lot of wildlife, from birds, to deer, wild pigs and buffalo. There are many beautiful waterfalls, swimming holes, valleys… is a very special place.”

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IMG_3728 IMG_3726 IMG_3725 IMG_3722IMG_3743IMG_3744IMG_3756IMG_3762IMG_3765IMG_3768IMG_3777

Then the second day was in early breakfast ready then to set off on a shorter walk to see two “rescued elephants”. As part of the project, these two elephants have been adopted, one Sophie worked in a local village to help with the Logging, with no other interaction with elephants. The other elephant Princess, who’s a bit of a diva, worked within the tourist trade for tourist rides. The project took both on and now are an attraction in themselves, looked after daily by their Mahouts, leading a much happier existence.

IMG_3782 IMG_3792 IMG_3805 IMG_3825 IMG_3836 IMG_3845 IMG_3851 IMG_3891 IMG_3907 IMG_3931

I’ll add some more info tomorrow about the pictures, I’ve run out of steam!

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