Bamboo House orphanage

Well day two in Saigon. I’d been talking to a local guy about what to see and do in Saigon that maybe is not so much the norm. He offered to take me to an orphanage in the centre of the city. Bamboo House Orphanage was given assistance by the Danish Government as a “social professional integration” project, here they take in around 20 children, mainly boys in this particular house. The SPI helps them with getting identification papers, often to make them official Vietnamese citizens.

During their stay they are quipped with vocational and life skills to hopefully return home (if it exists) or to leave and live independently with a job, maybe cooking or working in a restaurant, hairdressing, electrical engineering for example.

The SPI is a project by HCMC child welfare association, to protect and take care of Juveniles giving them life skills and the opportunity to integrate within society.

It’s a great cause. On visiting I donated money to buy rice that will last 1.5 months, and when you meet the kids you know its such as worthwhile cause. They are desperate, as many of these charities are, for funding and often only survive by contributions outside of Vietnam.

Take a look at the HCMC website

Or for the actual orphanage if you would like to donate visit:

Facebook : facebook/nhapsi

IMG_4174 IMG_4177

This is David, we are now Face book friends, very cheeky guy! . He is being taught English by a volunteer from a local University, who gives her time once a week to teach.


Project manager Do Thi Loc with a star pupil. This guy came all the way from Hanoi, his family couldn’t take care of him properly so the project took him in. Seems like a bright guy too, so polite and excellent English.


I didn’t get this guy’s name, shy in front o the camera. He had just had a nap, they all sleep in one large room, no beds just a hard floor, imagine our lives in comparison? At least its a safe environment.

IMG_4186 IMG_4187


The guy in green was the house cook, and would also cook for local restaurants to earn money for the Orphanage. The other guys was learning cooking skills.

It really makes you realise how easy we have it, with everything falling into our laps…..

1 response to Bamboo House orphanage

  1. Lesley Curtis says:

    It does Stu. We are so lucky. great pictures, especially the first one. Seems the people need so much less than us to be content….we could learn a thing or two xx


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