Somebody say it’s Xmas ?

Obviously it doesn’t feel like Xmas at all. Then I look at Facebook!

As you walk the streets of Saigon and see all the Xmas decorations, Xmas hats, street lights that would put Oxford street to shame (unfortunately not turned on yet!), and its 30 degrees, dates and time of year have become very insignificant for me. However to make sure I’m in the best place I have Xmas in Hoi An and New year in the capital Hanoi, where apparently I’m told its extremely cold, sometimes getting as low as 18 degrees! Lol!. Its ok I packed my thermals 🙂

Some hot Xmas pics….IMG_2658 IMG_3983 IMG_4094 IMG_4164 IMG_4171 IMG_4173

Isn’t it interesting how are cultures are merging, although around 30% of Vietnamese are non Buddhist so it’s quite a mix here. And our New year is a big big event in both Cambodia and Vietnam, and that’s before Chinese new year where it becomes a national holiday in February, I need to research that a little more and see where I will be.

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