Dal At for a day, snacking on crickets.

Goodbye Hoi Chi Min city, aka Saigon. Now time to start travelling north. Vietnam is a very narrow, long country, where you find some regional differences. The climate is quite hot of course in the south, and as you travel north the heat lessens somewhat. The south loves everything sweet, Im told the middle of Vietnam gets a bit more spicy.

I’ve decided to take an eight hour bus ride to Da lat, and then move up a little bit further to the coast in Commercial resort city Nha Trang to give enough time to get to Hoi An for Xmas.

Da Lat, home of flowers and coffee, once a retreat for the elite french when they were running the show. The french influence isn’t very visible today, apart from the railway station and an Art deco “palace” Otherwise it looks a little bit, dare I say, Tacky. However once you explore outside of the city then the views, landscape and terrain are just amazing. Da Lat is a big draw for Vietnamese, especially from the hectic Saigon, to get away from it all and cool down a bit, I had to get my jacket out it was only 20c! The Vietnamese tell you it’s very cold here! ha ha. If you’re the adventurous type, this is the place for you!

With just one day to explore I arranged an “Easy Rider” motor bike tour to see some of the surrounding area, it was very good and included once again new experiences for the stomach, including fried Cricket, very tasty with some Chilli sauce, and a silk worm, not the greatest texture I must say.

IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4697

Flower farms, we saw many Roses and Orchids, Da Lat supplies all of Saigon.

This lovely lady told me I was handsome and gave me a rose!

IMG_4699 IMG_4703 IMG_4706 IMG_4708

Da Lat is absolutely full of Coffee fields, I sampled the infamous weasel coffee. The coffee beans are digested by the weasel, then their excrement still full of the beans is then made into a “special” coffee. Yuk I hear you cry!  As always very tasty!! Their coffee is extremely good, a step up from Cambodia.

IMG_4711 IMG_4714IMG_4719

We stopped off at a small cricket farm, sampled some Fried crickets with chilli sauce. Tasty!!IMG_4721

Coffee beans being dried


Pet Lizard


Surprised to see a porcupine


Monkeys also kept as pets.

IMG_4737 IMG_4740 IMG_4745

The Elephant water falls with my guide Vinh

IMG_4752 IMG_4760 IMG_4761IMG_4762IMG_4766

The Pagoda next to the water falls


Next onto the silk making factory. Here you see the moth and the eggs it lays to create the silk worms that go on to create the silk cocoon that is then washed in boiling water to be stretched into lines of silk,  production then starts to weave the garment.


Da Lat has its own Flower park, full of beautiful, meticulously managed flowers.


2 responses to Dal At for a day, snacking on crickets.

  1. Roni Lang says:

    Hi m’lord… Sitting here having my breakfast in my cosy cottage with all the Christmas lights on reading your travel adventure update…amazing!!! You truly are in another world.
    Your reminding me of a young Alan Wicker..in his heyday….!
    Although watch yourself with ladies giving you roses…. They’ve most probably after your body m’lord!!!
    Can’t wait to hear your next update ….please take care.
    Love you loads
    Roni xxxx


    • stunet2012 says:

      Lol ! a young alan wicker! You made me lauggh out loud on the bus!! Ive had a few offers.. You want woman? You want good time? Cocaine? I declined 😜 xxx


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