Vietnamese street food

Well I’m here in Nha trang and whilst it’s still warm, there is no sun, lots of cloud and showers. So not the two days on the beach I hoped for. Fortunately yesterday I met a Chinese traveller, Cheng Fei, and we visited a few sights together, but the most interesting part was the street food.
We sampled quite a lot, including the Banh Mi sandwich. The French influence is still here, in the form of a baguette filled with pate and various meats, veg and sauces. They are delicious.
Later on we tried a shrimp pancake in one of the street “restaurants”, see the pic! Another dish was Pho Bo, a noodle soup with fresh beef, that you add veg too such as mint, coriander and basil. yum!!
These small restaurants usually cook only one meal, so you can walk around, take your pic, usually depending on how many locals are eating there! Sit on the wee stools and get stuck in, unfortunately if your a westerner they charge you a bit more!, but we’re talking 20,000 dong, about 70p!




Cheng Fei and I Having a few beers next to the see, the weather may not be great but sitting by a blustery see is quite something. Im glad I met this guy he was good company, otherwise it would of just been me and the Russians!

3 responses to Vietnamese street food

  1. Andy says:

    Hi Stuart
    Looks like you are having a great time! Me and Nan here browsing your blog.
    I only managed to get myself to Hanoi in the north of Vietnam but the street food was fantastic! Sampled some great fish and a Vietnamese BBQ on the street. Was about 40,000 dong for beef and pork but had great flavours! I’m so jealous you are there now!
    Have a great time and look forward to seeing more of your photos and updates, especially when you get to Thailand!
    Take care.



    • stunet2012 says:

      Thanks Andy! The food is super cheap, I can’t stop eating the baguettes with chilli sauce. On a night bus now to Hoi An, it’s a bumpy ride, but otherwise comfortable. Any tips for Thailand? Hi to everyone, I’ll give Dot a call on Xmas day! Take care S


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