Update: Saigon on the back of bike.

I’ve just been sent these pictures. If your ever in Saigon I recommend the back of the bike tour. You have a few options, day or night tours and also a “foodie” tour. I took the night tour, a four-hour ride on the back of a moped driven by the tour guide, often a university student, with all you need, good knowledge,a young view of Saigon, safe driving and some interesting conversation. The four hours flew, venturing through many of Saigon’s districts (including the infamous mafia district), stopping of at the night market (food and veg), an evening meal,Pho beef noodle soup and to finish a strong iced Vietnamese coffee.

My guide was Anna who was outstanding we didn’t stop talking for four hours!. On the tour you have a security driver with you, who also takes the photos, and other participants. A great night and a great way to get a taste of Saigon.

IMG_4993 IMG_4988 IMG_4986 IMG_4985 IMG_4984IMG_5009 IMG_5012 IMG_5040 IMG_7512 IMG_7528

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