Spiders! The revenge

You may remember a post back before I left for Asia entitled Spiders!. Transferring my belongings i had a fright with a spider on the dashboard of my car. I ejected him, now he has his revenge. There is a whacking great big spider in my Home stay room, everyone is asleep and there is nothing I can do about it. Looks like is going to be a sleepless night…..


And it was a sleep less night! I slept in the hall way! lol, most things I’m ok with but the thought of this big boy walking across my bed freaked me out. I cam back into the room at 6am, and no sign, I’m still waiting for him to jump out of my bag!

2 responses to Spiders! The revenge

  1. Andy says:

    Oh no, not a spider! Get used to them on your travels!
    Merry Christmas and wish you a very happy new year too Stuart! I’m assuming you are heading to Hanoi shortly? What do you have planned? Are you visiting Halong Bay?
    I probably have some advice for Thailand etc however depends on what you are after plus I’m sure you will find your way round fine. Highly recommend chang mai in North and trekking in the hills, try to stay with a hill tribe for a great experience. Others recommended chang rai too but I never got there.
    My favourite country was Laos! I will be jealous of your Laotian photos! Friendliest people in Asia with a great reputation! Vientiane and Luang Prabang were favourites, a real French feel in Luang Prabang due to the countries history.

    Anyway enjoy! Keep the photos coming!


    • stunet2012 says:

      Hey Andy! Its the first spider i’ve seen and boy what a whopper, just cant dyand the thought of shsring a bed with one.
      Yep dome im doing a 2 day back of a bike tour, then on the 29th fly up to Hanoi, defo doing Halong bay and thinking of doing some trekking in Sapa, but i hear its literally freezing there. Yep looking foreward to chiang Mai and Rai, trekking sounds good. And Laos! I cant wait, especislly luang Prebang, those pesky french got everywhere. More photos tomorow. Belated happy xmas Andy! Mum and Dot will be of cruising now i guess! …..


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