Hamburger Hill

Well I’ve been travelling all day with Van the man the easy rider. We’ve covered about 100km on the back of his bike, with some amazing views and stop offs.
The only downside is its peed it down all day! So I’m lying in bed, just had a crab noodle soup for tea with Van, and of course just the one beer! It’s nice to be warm and dry again, but thanks to that bloody spider I spent most of the night sleeping in the hall way, and am so tired. I know it wouldn’t happen to Bear Grills, but I was skypeing Ray at the time and he felt it wise to get out!! Lol. When i came back in at 6am no sign of spidey, I do hope he’s not stowed away in my bag. I’m such a woose with spiders….
So yes we’re in a guest house close to the sight of the battle of Hamburger hill, yes as in the film. Tomorrow we head to Hue for most of the day then head to Da rang, where I’ll catch a flight to Hanoi.
So I’ve lots of pictures to update, will try and do that tomorrow evening. Now there’s a bloody ant on my pillow! Where’s bear when you need him.
Night all.

2 responses to Hamburger Hill

  1. Lesley Curtis says:

    Totally with you on the spider thing….I’d be exactly the same xx


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