The best haircut!

Tomorrow I will leave for a 3 day trip to Halong bay. I’m very excited. And as I will visit Sapa just after I thought I should get myself a warm jacket.
However no one wanted to sell me one! All too small!!! I was told.
Anyway disheartened I thought at least I can get myself a haircut as there are so many hairdressers here. The Hanoian’s are very particular about their haircuts. I popped into what I thought was more of a barbers next to the hotel, where the guy gave me a good cut for $7. I was then asked to go upstairs to have my hair washed. I nearly said its ok I’ll do it when I get home, but I didn’t.
Well upstairs I got not just a wash but a full on head massage, even my ears got a very thorough finger clean! Lol. Hot flannels, moisturiser, the works.
I left feeling so relaxed I floated back to the hotel excitedly telling my receptionist friends my great experience.
The best haircut!! And relax…..

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