Sa Pa, day two

On the second day we set off on a trek to Lao Chai village, a H’mong village. We were lucky to visit a school, now each village has one. The children sang for us and then returned to their studies.

IMG_6090 IMG_6092 IMG_6094 IMG_6097 - Version 2 IMG_6097 IMG_6098 IMG_6099

I bet his Dad sits like that at home!


The paddy fields are brown and red this time of year. The true striking colour comes out in summer, and the rice is harvested in September. This time of year it still look quite impressive but I would love to see it in summer.IMG_6104 IMG_6105 IMG_6106 IMG_6108 IMG_6110IMG_6111

Corn being dried


Lao Chai FC!

IMG_6117 IMG_6120

One of the trekking tours.

IMG_6122 IMG_6123IMG_6124 IMG_6126

Truck chasing

IMG_6127 IMG_6129 IMG_6130

We then moved on to Ta Van village, home to the Zay community.

IMG_6131IMG_6136 IMG_6143 IMG_6147 IMG_6149 IMG_6158

When we reached the Home stay in the evening I went for a stroll and came across this young guy on a rock contemplating life.IMG_6165IMG_6167

An interesting group at the Homestay 5 Koreans and an Israeli with excellent taste in music, the same as mine!. One Korean guy was great fun, absolutely crazy!

IMG_6169 IMG_6173 IMG_6174 - Version 2

This is the lady that took care of me!

IMG_6176 IMG_6184 IMG_6185

2 responses to Sa Pa, day two

  1. Roni Lang says:

    Blimey Stuardo your pictures are exceptional!… It looks amazing there. Rxxxx


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