Ballooning in Vang Vieng

IMG_7060 - Version 2

Something else I’ve never done before, Ballooning. The landscape around Vang Vieng is beautiful, so it had to be done.


Preparation to get the balloon up. There were three balloons in total, which was great as it allowed you to photograph the other balloons whilst in the air.


The first one went up, we followed in the second.

IMG_7027 - Version 2IMG_7030IMG_7035IMG_7040

Once up the views were breathtaking. The fields, monks on bikes! Then I remembered I’m not so keen on heights these days. There were eight of us in the basket, I was by the door, lol, my biggest worry was having a nutter with us who would throw us out! Once I focused on taking the photographs it was fine. We didn’t move too far, but changed position enough to see the different views. In total we had about 40 minutes up in the air. You get such a different perspective up there, and it’s surprisingly calm and peaceful, until the burner it turned on.

IMG_7048IMG_7054IMG_7057IMG_7060 - Version 2IMG_7075IMG_7089IMG_7090IMG_7108IMG_7114

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