Vang Vieng, caves and sights….

During the rest of my time in Vang Vieng, I’ve been walking and today took a mountain bike to the Tham Phu Kam cave. The ride was extremely bumpy as the road wasn’t the best. After about 40 minutes riding I arrived at the caves, as I approached I could here a lot of screeching. Why?, well the location is also the destination for the “blue lagoon”, more a small river, I think! The screams partially came from here, with youngsters jumping into the lagoon from a tree but also from a tree zip wire running in front of the mountain.

Well I thought shall I stay or shall I go!. I decided to stay and made my way through the teams of Koreans (they love it here!) and approached the cave. At the entranced they offered you a flashlight to mount on you’re head and for 50,000 more kip they would supply a guide as the board said its easy to get lost!

What do I do? I am one for getting lost. Sod it I took the flashlight but not the guide. It was a steep climb to the cave and on some uneasy footing. As you reached the top, some people would peek their heads in and then leave. I ventured in with my flashlight beaming and started following some other intrepid travellers. It was fantastic, before you knew it you were in pitch black darkness, and the other travellers were becoming few and far between. I knew as long as I kept the light of the cave entrance in sight I wouldn’t get lost, and if my flashlight failed i had my torch in my ruck sack! How proud was I what a good cub scout!!

I went quiet a distance into the very large, long cave, it was quite a climb but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t resist to find out whats around the next corner.

Vang Vien is an interesting place. Originally a draw for youngsters to party, but more take part in the tubing, flying down the river in a tractor inner tube. Unfortunately, running together with drugs and alcohol it led to many casualties, and loss of life.Today its much more chilled, tubing still happens but its been regulated and made safe. It’s still  a young persons place to visit but I think it will develop into quite a destination for those wanting tranquility and beautiful surroundings.IMG_6944 IMG_6943

More pics to come

2 responses to Vang Vieng, caves and sights….

  1. b says:

    Hi Stuart, like the ethereal landscapes and the anthropological portraits are lovely. Glad to see you are getting out and about – how about some coverage of the dull every day stuff….food, accomodation, waif and strays you travel with…. Enough of a brief, leave it with onward journey Bridget.


    • stunet2012 says:

      Hey Bridget, thank you! Im defenitely getting around, into the bokeo jungle tomorrow. Yes i need to write some mire about the day to day stuff, especially the food. Ill do something when im back from the jungle! Thanks for reading! And i hope youre well xx


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