Huay Xai, in search of gibbons.

Well I have ventured further north to the north-west of Laos, to a small town called Huay Xai. The town sits on one side of the Mekong river, the other side belongs to Thailand. And why am I here? To hopefully catch sight of the black gibbon, bit it’s not the be all end all, I’m trekking with the Gibbon experience, which truly is an experience, being a mix of Trekking, and zip gliding through the trees in the Bokeo forest. Agghh ! what am I doing, Up in the dizzy heights again!, which I love so much, trekking that will probably test my fitness levels, and thirdly spiders! The two nights will be spent in tree houses, often shared with tree rats and spiders, and big ones! What am I doing?. Ah well in for a penny, once again….Id better see a blumin Gibbon.

So out of range for a few days, will report back soon as I head for Chiang Rai….Hello Thailand!

2 responses to Huay Xai, in search of gibbons.

  1. Lesley Curtis says:

    Can’t wait to read the update on this and I hope you get to see lots of gibbons xx


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