Thai massage

Have you had one?
I arrived in Chiang Rai, Thailand at lunch time today. I checked in at the guesthouse and went out to grab some lunch. Before that I booked a massage and was told they would come to the guesthouse.
I arrived back at the guesthouse at 2pm, I’ve had a crick in my neck for some time now, I put it down to bad posture, sitting at a computer screen in a bad position and driving long distances. I thought a massage might ease it, especially after the trekking.
The lady arrived promptly and we started. Fully clothed, which surprised me and the time suggested a whole two hours! I thought this will be so relaxing I laid back and felt at ease with the world.
My god I thought I was going to die, she started on my legs, kneeding every available muscle, pulling my toes and fingers to click the joints, arranging me in positions I’ve never been in before!
This was all why lying on my back, she pushed and pulled me in every position possible, she used her feet, her elbows, anything to work into my muscles.
Soon I was on my front, and she started on my crick neck and shoulders. Honestly I thought I was going to scream with pain, I could hear and feel! her clicking, what I think was my spine into a different position! I thought I’m going to left a cripple.
Well after 2 hours of pummelling and kneeding and who knows what else, it came to an end. I was so relieved and you know what I felt great, you know what they say no pain no gain, the lady explained that the pressure was needed, no need to apologise I said, she could obviously see the tears in my eyes.
Tonight I do feel good, the neck may not be cured yet , but my goodness if feels so much better. Thai massage, read the small print before booking, big for the squeamish, amazing …….

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