Chiang Saen to the Golden triangle


On my second day I decided to head north on my motor bike. The route would take me to Chian Sean right on the Laos border, then up to the Golden triangle where Laos, Thailand and Myanmar all meet on the river. I then followed the road further to the West to Mae Sai to head back to Chiang Rai.

IMG_7762 IMG_7765 IMG_7766

Chiang Sean is the birth place of the Lanna kingdom. It was here that the emerald Buddha started its journey from here to Chian Rai to Chain Mai and now is housed at the royal palace in Bangkok

IMG_7767IMG_7769 IMG_7772 IMG_7776

Wat Pa Sak stand next to the walled city, a moat surrounds the original city. It’s all ruins now but you can imagine it once as a magnificent kingdom

IMG_7781 IMG_7782 IMG_7784 IMG_7787

The Buddha at the Golden triangle

IMG_7788 IMG_7790 IMG_7791Ganesh stands guard.

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