Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son Loop

I was very tempted to look further north into Thailand. I thought motor bike but I’d have to return it and I’d have my bags and maybe it would be a lot of effort with it being just me. So I’ve chosen an alternative, I’ve hired a car, I have a small Honda brio, good enough for the job to get not just around Northern Thailand but all the way down to Bangkok, I have 10 days.

Hiring a car is straight forward in Thailand and actually the roads are quite good. Unfortunately I don’t have an international driving license so I can expect a fine If or rather when, I get stopped by the Thai police. I’ve been told it’s usually just a matter of paying a 100 Baht fine and your on your way again. Already I’ve passed two police stops today and they were both unmanned.

Anyway the plan is to head out of Chiang Mai and head to Pai leading onto Mae Hong Son, instead of looping back to Chiang Mai I will carry on south alongside the Myanmar border and then come  towards the centre again to Sukhothai, to visit the ancient city and hopefully an Elephant rescue centre, this however is unlikely as I think they are booked up, we’ll see.

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