The road to Pai………


Well it was a very easy journey, when I mentioned to a few Thai people about my journey there were a few “ohs?” and worried looks. If you’ve driven through London, Italy or France, I think most driving is a breeze, I did Naples for goodness sake!

And it was a breeze and quite scenic, despite a lack of some good pull over lay-bys. I was quite late setting of, I asked for a taxi from the hotel to Budget cars, You’d think Id asked for a shuttle to the moon, on top of that the Flower festival has started in Chiang Mai so all of the Old city was pedestrianised. Anyway by about 12.30pm I was on my way. By around 4.30pm I reached Pai, it was a comfortable journey you just have to be okay with constant bends. On arrival I checked for a hotel through my beloved and with some help from a local mini mart finally found it.

Pai is an unusual place, very pretty and picturesque with an odd town sitting in the middle of continuous mountain range. Here it feels elephant trousers, tattoos and dreads/beading are almost compulsory, I started to feel overdressed. saying that, Pai has a nice friendly feel to it, maybe some travellers have stayed a little longer than planned, I’m guessing years….However as a friendly stopping off point It feels good.

I had little time before I lost he light so I walked through the town past the Wat and captured the scenery. This evening had a most delicious Panang curry and worked out that the main difference between this and a red curry is the use of more peanuts in the sauce, Now you know! Now to plan the next stop….

IMG_8109 IMG_8110 IMG_8111 IMG_8117IMG_8118 IMG_8127 IMG_8129 IMG_8134

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