Mae Hong Son to Mae Sot


The next day I jumped back into my little Honda brio…in silver, and set off towards Mae Sariang with the ambition to get as far as Mae Sot by the end of the day, a distance close to 400km. This is where the real test of Thai driving came in.

To Hire a car in Thailand is straight forward, especially for a larger company like Budget who allowed me to pick up in Chiang Mai and drop off in Bangkok. You do however require an international driver’s license, which I don’t have, Budget were fine with it but they said I would probably get fined by the police, maybe 100 Baht, £2!!. So I took the chance. And of course driving alongside the Myanmar border there are checkpoints everywhere. So overtime I slowly drove through with a big smile, usually getting a big smile back and some friendly questions about where I was going or just a quick wave to move on! For the entire journey I didn’t have to produce my license, I think I was lucky!

The drive to Mae Sot was beautiful, I had now left the mae Hong Son loop as I wasn’t going back to Chiang Mai, an English guy at Budget had suggested this route to me, and as always a good recommendation goes a long way. The mountains and scenery were stunning.

And then……..

After I had complimented the quality of the Thai roads, my Road the “main road” Route 105, disappeared, before I knew it I was on half pot hole half mud track with some very steep climbs. As I was covering a long distance that day I was keen to get to Mae Sot before dark. At this rate it wasn’t going to happen. Don’t panic!! I must say I did then start thinking what if??, What if I break down, in the dark with no signal on my phone. At one stage my little brio was struggling to get up the dirt track (don’t tell budget!), as of course all the selection of cars were automatic. What if I don’t make it, Do I turn back?

Anyway I got up the hill and carried on regardless, the roads one minute were great then they disappear. So id recommend a four by Four or at least a manual where you can work with the gears. Of course I made it, it was exciting and fun, and maybe in a year they will have finished building the roads!

IMG_8292 IMG_8301IMG_8273 IMG_8284 IMG_8313

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