Mae Hong Son


After having a good drive from Pai I arrived at Mae Hong Son, further West towards the Myanmar border. It was getting towards the end of the afternoon when I arrived so I was straight out from the guesthouse to have a look around. I’d heard the lake was picturesque with a temple at the edge, and indeed it was, despite the dog that took an instant dislike to me. From there I circled the small town coming across, surprise, surprise some very steep steps up to Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu. As usual it was worth the climb, as the sun started to set, the striking white Chedi’s slowly turned to a warmer shade in the blue skies. Very calming.

After that I headed back down to return to the lake for Dinner and a quaint restaurant as always with the complimentary Singer with his guitar singing Eric Clapton’s  “you are wonderful tonight”, if I hear one more Simon and Garfunkel song!!!

IMG_8239 IMG_8238IMG_8271

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