Si Satchanalai historical park


Wat Phra Si Rattanamahatath Chaliang

From wiki…

The Si Satchanalai Historical Park is a historical park in Si Satchanalai district, Sukhothai Province, northern Thailand. The park covers the ruins of Si Satchanalai and Chaliang. Si Satchanalai, which literally means “City of good people”, was founded in 1250 as the second center of Sukhothai Kingdom and a residence of the crown prince in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The city was rectangular in shape. In the 16th century, a 5-metre high wall with an upstream moat was built to fend off the growing Burmese attacks. The location of the town was facilitated by two the neighborhood dominant hill. The park is maintained by the Fine Arts Department of Thailand with help from UNESCO, which has declared it a World Heritage Site together with the associated historic parks in Kamphaengphet and Sukhothai. Similar to Sukhothai Historical Park, Si Satchanalai Historical Park attracts thousands of visitors each year, who marvel at the ancient Buddha figures, palace buildings and ruined temples. The park is easily toured by bicycle or even on foot…..

Or by car! as I did. As I left Mae Sot my destination was Sukhothai and the historical park there. Si Satchanalai is another historical park about 20 km north, and also very much worth  visit. There are fewer visitors here so you feel like you have the place to yourself.  A little bit further down is a mother site called Chaliang, it’s beautiful here, it was only me and the pigeons. Walk around and imagine how it once was as a thriving active city and compare it to today this peaceful haven sitting in harmony with nature. I joked about the pigeons, but the amount of birds around these sites is astounding, especially the cranes, reaching impossible heights above the ruins. Other birds, and I don’t know what they were, fly through the air showing their striking plumage. Once they stop they magically blend into the surroundings unseen. Imagine such beautiful buildings in such lovely surroundings. This was a treat….

IMG_8335 IMG_8373

Wat Chedi Chet Thaew

IMG_8325 IMG_8404IMG_8418 IMG_8446 2IMG_8508 IMG_8602

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