Elephant World


I spent two days and one night at Elephant world. The first day was a full group of around twenty people. At the end of the day it occurred to me that I was the only guest staying overnight! The accommodation was basic but very comfortable and I thought I’d be in for a very early night. Fortunately all of the volunteers were having a night out that evening. Close to Kanchanaburi a villager had set up “beach” setting to incorporate small restaurants, food and bars, so the volunteers were heading there, organised by Agnes who “led” the volunteers of Elephant world. It was very kind of the them to take me and we had a lovely evening drinking some beers and sampling the Barbecued food.

More interesting was the drive there and back, where Agnes, from Holland, told me how she and her husband had come across a small set up of some rescued elephant started by a Thai vet, some six year ago. Agnes and her husband had travelled extensively and whilst in Thailand found themselves in a position to want take care or rehouse an abused elephant. They came across the work of a Thai Veterinarian and it’s since evolved into what it is today, a non-profit organisation, reliant on volunteers, visitors and donations, taking care of 17 ageing elephants. Agnes was fascinating, unfortunately her husband died and now lives with her 12 dogs, one being Buddy, who sat on my knee for the entire drive in Agnes’s 4×4, (volunteers all in the back) is her shadow and has been since her husband’s death after just turning up at Elephant world three years ago.

These guys love animals there are dogs everywhere, each volunteer takes responsibility for one during their stay. Agnes dedicates some much time to this cause through her love of Elephants, I can’t recommend it more, what a lovely family!

Thanks to all the volunteers they were extremely welcoming and friendly….

If you’re in Bangkok its only 2.5 hours drive away, take a look….


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