King of the mountain.


Early the next morning, Monica one the volunteers told me there was an option of a sunrise walk up the mountain that would last about two hours, but it would have to be a 6.30am start! It sounded too good to refuse so I signed up. So the next morning just as it was starting to get light, Myself, Monica, and one of the Elephant Mahouts acted as our guide, oh and about six of the dogs also decided they would come for a stroll too. Well it was no stroll, it was a steep climb, as we set of,we could see a field on fire in the distance, this happens a lot to “clean” the land before the next crop, I thought it was out of control!, but it wasn’t, IMG_8990IMG_8995

The sun rising through the trees


Agh I can’t remember our Mahout’s name! He was friendly and made sure Monica and I were ok on the rocks, of course we had to go to the top! I’m so pleased we did.


I think I no longer for my shirt!


Monica, up the mountain for the second day running. Thanks Monica!, a great experience.IMG_9031

The Dogs were amazing, about six of them joined us all the way up to the top,I couldn’t believe they were able to climb so high. It was good to have them on the way back too, as I think there were some snakes in the bushes, the Dogs soon alerted us and we took a diversion.


Kings of the mountain!


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