Temple of the Dawn, Wat Arun


Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple on the west bank of the river Chao Phraya, overlooking the Grand palace. It derives its name from the Hindu God Aruna, personified as radiations of the rising son. The main feature is the central prang, a Khmer styled tower.It was started by King Rama II in 1809 to be completed by Rama III in 1851.
In Buddhist iconography the central prang symbolises three levels, the base for Traiphum, all realms of existence, the middle for tavatimsa, where all desires are gratified and the top, representing Devaphum, indicating six heavens, with six realms of happiness. The temple is surround by temple guardians. When we visited there was a lot of reconstruction work going on which appears to be to a high level and it was interesting to see the before and after work, and the temple coming alive once again with its stunning ceramic facade.

Next stop Wat Bechamabophit, the stunning White marble temple, constructed not so long ago in 1899. The temples name literally means the temple of the fifth king. It was designed by Prince Naris, a half brother of the king, and is built of Italian white marble, and is one of the most beautiful in Bangkok due to its simple, elegant design.
After that Ray and I headed towards Wang Lang market which was very interesting, no walkway just rows and rows of mini shops and street kitchens, offering everything from fruit to snack stalls to street restaurants.


Wat Arun


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  1. Lesley Curtis says:

    Finally catching up on your blog Stu and really enjoying it. Glad you’ve met up with some friends, bet you’ll have some fun..! Xx


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