The Kindness of strangers

IMG_9634 a

The Stall owner

On my final day in Bangkok, Ray and I decide to head to Or Tor Kor market further a field in Bangkok.
We had a good look around, especially at the food and decided to stay for a lunch. here you could several dishes, bubbling away in big iron pans, one guy had a little coffee stall and produced a pretty damn good cappuccino.

Soon it was time to say good bye to Ray, the airport beckoned and I once again was on my tod!!
Well I thought id stay a little bit longer at the market as I’d seen a small antique stall selling statues, bracelets and a mix of other things. I was greeted by the stall owner who was chatting to a lady.
The lady asked where I was from, she spoke quite good English and we went on to have a good chat about me, her, her family and life in Bangkok. It was really lovely, soon she had to go, but before she left she asked what I liked at the stall. We were both looking at a statue of a revered monk who it was believed had reached enlightenment. I asked the lady if she felt if it was wrong to buy such statues and display them in your home. She felt it was ok, but not to have too many and always ensure they are placed high enough and not on the ground. She asked the stall owner how much the statue was and said she would like to give me 1,0000 Baht (about £17) towards it. She told me she liked to buy from the stall as the owners daughter had down’s syndrome. She also got a good discount. I told the lady it was too generous but she insisted, handed the money to the stall owner and left. Well I bought the statue and wrote a note to the lady for her next visit, thanking her.
Such a selfless act really touched me, she may have been rich I don’t know, but she wanted to do good to me and the stall owner…..very touching ……an example of merit…


The statue

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