Balloons over Bagan.


One activity I had promised myself, by hook or by crook I would go up in a hot air balloon over Bagan, I had seen quite a few pictures and it looked stunning. On the boat journey I sent an email to try to book a place, no reply. When I arrived at the hotel I asked for their help, two minutes later I had a booking, and my wallet was $380 thinner, I was hoping it would be worth it, this was a real treat!
And fortunately it was, the company was Oriental ballooning, a very professional and safe outfit from Myanmar but with all British pilots (strange to hear a Yorkshire accent again!) We arrived at 6am had coffee and pastries and were soon up in the air. I think the pictures speak for themselves. About 45 minutes later we set down by the river for a glass of champagne and some fruit. Well that’s the life for me, I wanted to go up again!
I spent the rest of the day until 7pm on my mountain bike trying to cram as much in as I could, it was a fantastic day, and I think I over did a bit it the scorching sun, but I will never forget this one.


3 responses to Balloons over Bagan.

  1. Viajero says:

    I like the effects on the photos – puts you in the mind of Phileas Fogg!


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