Namby pamby feet


Namby pamby feet!

Haven’t we become soft. In Myanmar out of respect you have to take off your shoes and socks as soon as you enter temple grounds. In other parts of SE Asia its only as you go into the area of the Buddha statue. After a long day around Bagan, waiting for the sun to set (again) this is how our Namy pamby feet start to look! Which made we think how soft we have become and alien to the earth we tread. I must say it was quite liberating to throw away my shoes and get back to basics! On a few occasions I had to sit on the floor as the ground was so hot! ( I don’t think anyone saw me!) Then it makes you think how reliant we are with today’s luxuries and technologies.

I was watching this guy today, he must have been late sixties, sitting next to the Pagoda, completely immersed in his smart phone. In Malwlamyine the locals stare at me as It’s still a rare sight here to see a white guy, yet at the same time Smart phones are spreading fast through out these otherwise undeveloped countries. And what will the result be?, will we all be the same?. A world full of Namby pamby human beings?… I hope not….

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