Fishermen of Inle lake


Alms procession


Off to work alongside the river bank.

I arrived at Inle lake in the late afternoon. I was staying in a town called Nyaungshwe, north of the lake. As the old stomach had continued to cause a few upsets I took a taxi as it wasn’t far and wouldn’t be able to get a bus for another day. When I arrived I jumped onto a bike to have a look around but not before booking a boat to take me onto the lake the next day. Trying to get to the edge of the lake by bike is not so easy, this really is living on the water and to get there you have to be on one of the motor boats and with someone who knows where they are going.

The next morning I was collected from the hotel bright and early at 7am, the sun slowly climbing above the horizon and a never ending line of monks walking on their daily path to collect their Alms offerings. Whilst trying to take in everything around I me I also needed to keep up with my boat driver who was striding ahead at a pace with not much to say, this doesn’t bode well I thought as its just me and him for a full day.

Fortunately I was wrong, typically of people I met in Myanmar he was friendly, helpful and actually gave me everything I wanted in the day. First stop surprised me a little bit, as I was introduced to some of the fisher men of Inle lake and before I knew it they started a part choreographed dance and part demonstration of the fishing process. The sun was still low and rinsing so it created some striking silhouettes of the fishermen and their boats and nets.

It was quite surreal at that time of the morning and I had to get my brain into gear quickly to gets some photographs.

And here they are….

IMG_0866 IMG_0868IMG_0871 IMG_0874 - Version 2

Inle Fisherman
Inle Fisherman

IMG_0879IMG_0888 - Version 2IMG_0881IMG_0894IMG_0904IMG_0913IMG_0918IMG_0923 - Version 2IMG_0937 - Version 2IMG_0937IMG_0940IMG_0946

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