Kalaw to Inle lake


My time had come to an end in Bagan, but my next stop was equally exciting, Inle lake. The plan was to get the bus to Kalaw and then trek to Inle lake over two days. I had kept in touch with Simon from Bangkok and we decided we could trek together.

So the bus ride was straight forward enough. Unfortunately I’ve found in SE Asia, the locals really struggle with travel sickness, I mean really struggle! And it actually felt worse in Myanmar. Standard issue on each bus is a bottle of water and a black sick bag…nice….

On arriving to Kalaw I thought I would have a look around, email Simon to see if he had arrived and get some food. Unfortunately my 3G wasn’t working, Mamby pamby me I’m lost without it! No problem I thought, I’ll use the WiFi, then I learn there is no internet in the entire town, its been down for days. Ok maybe I can get another sim card. I eventually get one after I find guy who can cut the sim cards down to iPhone size. I send a mail to Simon realising he probably won’t be able to get the message without Wi fi, and i was right.

So a long story short is we met up in Inle lake, we had both been into the same trekking company and had booked similar treks, as we couldn’t wait any longer, and we probably missed each other walking down different streets. Never mind, we made contact in Inle lake and had a good night of food and beers, resulting in me being locked out of my hotel! I had to wake everyone up as they lock up at 10.30pm whoops!

Going back to the trekking. On the first night I had a delicious meal in a restaurant set in an old colonial house, the food was excellent, or so I thought. My stomach thought otherwise, the next morning, nothing was hanging about, and I wasn’t leaving the toilet!!! So it was a day stuck at the guesthouse. That evening I optimistically booked the trek to Inle lake. However in the morning it cancelled thinking two days of trekking with an upset  stomach is not going to be fun!!

I waited until the next day to get a car to Inle lake. It’s difficult in Myanmar, upsets stomach are common for us tourists and I must say things didn’t get back to normal until Thailand again!. So be wary of the meat you eat, water, salads. I have always been careful, but still it got me!

So Kalaw was a disappointment, fortunately Inle lake wasn’t…..

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