Mawlamyine and its’ people.

IMG_1739 a

I love this photo, it’s completely natural.


This guy was saying hello through the bars, I don’t think he was in jail!

IMG_1808 IMG_1820 - Version 2IMG_1823 a IMG_1823 b - Version 2

There was a big muslim community in Mawlamyine. This guy was further down from the mosque. He spoke little English and kept repeating “I’m 95 and I’m Muslim” I hope I look this good at 95. He was so striking the picture is equally effective in Black and white or colour.


I peered into the mosque and was warmly welcomed by this gentleman, Mr Hussain, not Saddam, just Mr Hussain he joked, then spoke warmly of David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher! 😉  He then very kindly showed me around the mosque and introduced me to other muslims who had arrived for their daily prayers.


It was popular for the muslims guys to dye their beards. My friend Faz explained to me that they use dye from the henna plant, and it nothing more than to hide the grey hairs!

IMG_1845 IMG_1851IMG_1861 IMG_1866 IMG_1901IMG_1769

Christianity was also strongly represented, although I must say it’s a lot easier to get into a mosque or a Temple than it is a church!.


The local market


This guy was funny, he was hanging around me whilst I sat at the bottom of the steps of the temple. I realised then that he wanted his photo taken. People were coming to me for a picture!, makes a change. We must remember that Myanmar has been closed for many years, especially in the south. I’m sure they’ll soon get fed up of tourists and their cameras….

The people of Myanmar have been lovely, so warm and welcoming, extremely helpful and “Pure”, is the best word I can find, the seem happy with their lot and get on and enjoy life. At least thats how I saw it….

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