Leaving Myanmar.

The original intention was to travel from Myeik to Kawthaung by speed boat, and from there renter Thailand.

On the day I wanted there was no speed boat so I opted for a flight. The airport was small and all was straight forward apart from customs. Usually the bags go through the usual x-ray and it’s a quick process. Unfortunately this time they wanted to have a very good look inside my ruck sack. Everything, and I mean everything came out. I’ve carried a few souvenirs with me,small little statues, in bronze and silver, all to be heavily scrutinised. I think they thought I was an arts smuggler. I explained they were just small souvenirs of little value, and after all 10 custom officers and anyone else who wanted  to come and have a look! they let me re pack and move on. Then they became very apologetic? Hey ho…

Anyway the flight was one hour late, bit once on, it was just 45 minutes to Kawthaung. When I arrived a guy at the airport offered me a taxi to the shore where I could get a boat over to Ranong In Thailand. That part was quite smooth. Many people in Thailand use this route to come over to Myanmar then return to Thailand to get a visa extension of 15 days. Despite this, as we were ferried across the water in small boats it felt we were being smuggled in. All in all it was smooth, a guy helped me translate at immigration, offered we a good deal on Viagra ( I declined) and I jumped onto the boat.

Good bye Myanmar! (I’ll miss you) , Hello (again)Thailand! Once in Ranong i made my way to the bus station where a very unfriendly woman (I’m not bitter) gave me a ticket on the Phuket express. It took a good 8 hours, then with Danny an american young lady we negotiated a price with a taxi driver to get us to our respective accommodation.

Time for my holiday!

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