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Welcome to my blog and portfolio. I’ve been taking Photographs now for many years. I originally set up my blog to share my images, with the work being a mix of travel, portraits and illustrations. And now I’ve included my latest venture of Pet Pawtraits, that are proving to be very popular. Take a look!

A few years ago I decided to take a career break and do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
Travelling…. And not for the usual two-week holiday break but rather a tour of SE Asia for a 5 month period, with trusted camera in hand.

Starting on 15th November 2014, I flew to Hong Kong, then took a flight to Siem Reap In Cambodia, where my journey began. The countries I had the pleasure to visit were Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. I must say my camera didn’t leave my hands and I fell in love with photography once again.

In mid April 2015 I returned to the UK. I’m so pleased to have this blog as a memory of my travels. There are many many photographs here as I took literally thousands. Today this blog and website keeps everyone up to date with my photography ventures.

I hope you enjoy the site,



Oh! Any questions or comments, I’d be very happy to hear from you. Visit my contact page.



24 responses to About me

  1. Arslan ALI says:

    Good luck Stuart!… Enjoy your trip, look after you and share with us a lot of pictures!…. Looking forward to see your first adventure…. Keep in touch



    • stunet2012 says:

      Thanks Arsjan!!! Will keep everyone updated, im in denial about packing at thr moment i need to pull my finger out! Take good care and keep in touch Stuart 😀


  2. Zii says:

    May images become apart of your memory. Travel well, be safe and have the most amazing time! X


  3. Lesley says:

    I’ll be checking in to your blog every day Stu. Really looking forward to reading all about your trip and seeing the photos which I know will be amazing. And hopefully I’ll be able to join you somewhere along the way.

    Lesley xx

    Ps since I first met you almost a 1/4 of a century ago, you have done far more than play around with photography. You were by far the best and most creative on our course. Go rock the world darling xx


  4. Farzana says:

    Stuart sorry I missed your last day, but I wish you all the best. Hope you have an amazing experience and enjoy the journey. Even the journey within. Will miss you but will definitely be watching the amazing pictures. Take care stay safe.


  5. Giorgio says:

    Enjoy this great experience Stuart!
    Great choice to visit those amazing sites, much jealous indeed.
    I’m sure you will take out lots of good things from it, so looking forward and very curious to see your pictures.
    Someone said:
    “It’s better to travel well than to arrive” B.
    All the best.


  6. bridget says:

    Dear Stuart so exciting will wait and watch the journey unfold safe travels b


    • stunet2012 says:

      Thanks Bridget, so far having an amazing time in Angkor, Cambodia, I hope I haven’t peaked too soon!. Nice to hear from you,
      Stuart xx


  7. Roni Lang says:

    Blimey m’lord that looks amazing!!! How are you getting on?…Crickey your so brave Stuardo…please take care. Love you lots roni xxx


    • stunet2012 says:

      Hello m’lady, nice to hear from you!having a great time thanks, down in southern Cambodia, having a day on the beach!! The photography part is amazing, so many opportunities 😀
      Are you and john well? Hows the business? Looking forward to your next birthday? Lots of love stuardo xx


  8. Fiona says:

    Hi Stu
    When will you be in Laos?
    I mentioned you to my friend Lauren
    who lived there for a year & is now in Chiang Mai
    She’d be happy to recommend places/offer advice if you email her
    Happy travels 😉
    Fiona x


    • stunet2012 says:

      Hi Fiona! I expect to be in Laos from 12th jan. Thats great ill contact Lauren and see if she has some suggestions. Thanks fiona! Thats great! Stuart xxx


  9. Caroline Flett says:

    Sunset looks stunning…. enjoy your travels…. looking forward to all the updates….


  10. Louise Morris says:

    Hi Stuart,
    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas hope you’re having a great time. We are reading your blog and thinking about you.
    Love the Morris’ xxx


    • stunet2012 says:

      Thanks Louise, Nigel, charlotte, Megan and Cerys. Merry Xmas!! I hope you’re having a lovely day, having such a great time, meeting great people and amazing sights! Take care and thanks for the message xxx


  11. Lesley Curtis says:



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