The kids @ Jump Junior

Here are some pictures that I took for the fabulous Tasha at Jump Junior. Tasha designs and produces these beautiful children tank tops made from high quality natural yarns. Have a look at her website here  Jump Junior People say steer clear of working with children and animals but I Love both!! Hop you like them…..Read more

Two new wood transfers.

Two new wood transfers. The first, a Buddha statue from a beautiful temple in Chiang Mai in Thailand. The second a picture I stole of a Novice monk, unaware I was taking it. It was during torrential rain at the Imperial city in Hue, Vietnam, the young monk was on look out duty.Read more

Spring is here!

Spring has finally arrived! And the garden is starting to come alive, I love this time of year. Here’s a photo from the garden, a statue with a beautiful succulent.  I couldn’t decide if I prefered the Black and white or the colour?. What do you think??…. Read more

Massey & Lang

  I’m very lucky and grateful to have some great space at Massey & Lang to showcase both my Pet Pawtraits and my travel and illustrational photographs in West Malling in Kent. Here you can see my new wood transfers, which have started to sell well! , so I’ve added some new ones today…..      Read more

My First Kitten portrait

Well another Cat portrait commision! And they were so well behaved! Here’s Boswell, my first kitten and Romeo. I’m really please how these two worked out…..Some lovely colours and textures have come through. If you’d like your cat or pet photographed in such a way, get in touch, see my contact page….  Read more

Wood transfers

My latest creative venture! I love texture, and a photograph looking less like a photograph.So to add to this I’ve transfered some of my images onto plywood, where they alter again as the wood texture come through, with some distressing on top. It creates a great Vintage feel, very rough and ready! They’re all around A3 in size, with the plywood about 9mm. Im trying them out at my Favourite shop Massey and Lang in  West Malling, Kent….  Read more