Sticky rice and stinky fish paste

Next stop!! What a day and so much to see. Next we stopped of at a lady making sticky rice. this one with black beans. The rice is filled into Bamboo tubes, plugged in with coconut husks, and then cooked over Charcoal. Once done the lady then cut off the thicker part of the bamboo tube leaving a covering that would easily tear away. And very popular they were too….


Cutting the Bamboo


Cooked over charcoal

IMG_2312 - Version 4

Now down the road to see where they make Stinky fish paste. Oh my favourite not!, and boy did it stink, but an important ingredient in Khmer cooking, as well as the drying out of Cat fish.


Vats of stinky fish paste in the suppliers factory


Cutting the Fish, the “bad” bits get used for fish sauce


Cat fish

And now further down the road for the making of spring rolls. Of course we sampled a few, opting for the fresh ones. Truly delicious, as all good cooking is….simple….


The rice paper cooked over the waste part of rice, placed onto bamboo and then onto a wire mesh to dry, soaked a little bit more and then ready for the ingredients.


Note the girl in the long-sleeved top. The fad at the moment for the girls is to stay white and not get exposed to the sun, or even take skin colour changing drugs. We’re never happy with ourselves are we!, you should see my tan, its amazing…


Rice paper drying, quite a production line..


Et Voila! Lovely accompanied with a can of sprite!

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